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Songs from previous Masses or rehearsals. The content of this page will change as and when new songs are recorded.


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"Next to theology, I give to music the highest place and honour. Music is the art of the prophets, the only art that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given".

Martin Luther

All songs on this website are in mp3 format like those below. When the page opens, simply click the play button on the player.



Recorded at.... Style
Come, Holy Spirit 10am Mass Gentle
Holy Spirit, come 10am Mass Gentle
I will be yours 10am Mass Gentle
Jesus, Jesus (one touch of your hand...) 10am Mass Steady
We proclaim your death, O Lord 10am Mass Gentle
Jesus take me as I am 10am Mass Gentle
All heaven declares  10am Mass Steady
El Shaddai Maundy Thursday Mass Gentle
My soul is sad Maundy Thursday Mass Gentle
One thing I ask 10am Mass Gentle
When a child is born 10am Christmas Day Mass Gentle
God fills me with joy 10am Mass Steady
Blest are you Lord God of all creation 10am Mass Gentle
We break this bread 10am Mass Gentle
Be still for the presence of the Lord 10am Mass Gentle
Bless the Lord my soul 10am Mass Gentle
Blessed be your name 10am Mass Upbeat
My Lord what love is this 10am Mass Steady
I lift my hands to the coming King 10am Mass Steady
Lord we long for you 10am Mass Steady
Father you are my portion 10am Mass Gentle
Hallelujah my Father 10am Mass Steady
As the deer 10am Mass Gentle
In Christ alone 10am Mass Gentle
Your love O Lord 10am Mass Upbeat
You are the mighty King 10am Mass Gentle
Change my heart O God 10am Mass Gentle
Anderson Gloria 10am Mass Upbeat
Make me a channel of your peace  10am Mass Gentle
Standing in your presence 10am Mass Gentle
My lips shall praise you 10am Mass Upbeat
Sovereign Lord 10am Mass Gentle
Hide me now (Still) 10am Mass Gentle
Here is bread  10am Mass Gentle
Purify my heart 10am Mass Gentle/steady
Give thanks Rehearsal Steady
We do not presume  10am Mass Gentle/steady
Give me joy in my heart 10am Mass Upbeat
O let all who thirst 10am Mass Gentle
Ubi Caritas with soloist Brendan Chung Rehearsal Gentle
Holiness unto the Lord Mass on Easter Sunday Gentle/steady
Great is the Lord Mass on Easter Sunday Gentle/steady
Isn't he beautiful Mass on Easter Sunday Gentle

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