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The building of the friary church of St. Thomas of Canterbury began in 1895 and it was consecrated in 1896. The church and the land were a gift from Henrietta, Dowager Duchess of Newcastle. It is situated in Woodford Green on the borders of Epping Forest and was built for a congregation of around 700. Mass attendance figures average around 400 for the 10am mass so we can accommodate more!!

The church is served by the Franciscans from the attached Friary. Our Parish Priest is Fr. Quentin Jackson.

The church website can be found by clicking here. There you will find Mass times, email addresses, the Parish directory listing all the parish groups, the latest news from our parish, and other parish related information. We are part of the Diocese of Brentwood and our bishop is Fr. Alan Williams S.M.

We warmly welcome you to join us in singing and worship whenever you are near.

Interior of church St Thomas of Canterbury looking towards altar.

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